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Flex-A-Span™ Primary Shoe Seal

The Flex-A-Span™ primary mechanical shoe seal provides excellent sealing and exceptionally long service life through its use of coil springs, unique, spring-loaded hangers and our patented expansion joint. Our system incorporates design elements derived from nearly 50 years of proven field experience.

The Flex-A-Span™ is an easy to install, custom-designed, cost-effective seal system for internal and external steel floating roofs.

Our patented, unique expansion joint eliminates gap issues commonly associated with other designs. Vertical misalignment and radial separation are eliminated without compromising circumferential expansion and contraction of the entire sealing ring.

  • Available for both internal and external floating roofs
  • Materials are available in carbon, galvanized or stainless steel
  • Installs easily with most seal systems available from stock