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Floating Roof Tank Seals

Eliminate seal rollover.

Available in galvanized or stainless steel metal parts. Commonly used vapor barrier fabrics
are polyurethane, PTFE and Neoprene.


SS1 and SS5 are bolt-on counterweight Shoe Seals. SS1 is to seal nominal 200mm rim space. SS5 is to seal nominal 300mm rim space.

SS2 is the most popular Shoe Seal type, installed worldwide.

SS3 includes wax scrapers at the bottom of the shoe and is suitable for waxy crude service.


Secondary RollerSeals are designed to give secondary sealing for all floating roof applications. Metal parts can be galvanized or stainless steel, with a variety of materials available for wiper seal tips and vapor barrier fabric. Our standard configuration includes Neoprene wiper tips and Urethane vapor barrier fabric.

The Secondary RollerSeal plates are not bolted together, but can fan out independently of each other easily to accommodate rim space changes. Because the seal is very flexible, less tension is required by the support plates to keep the wiper tip in contact with the shell. This means lower tip wear.

Other brand rigid tip design secondary seals are very stiff and do not easily conform to out-of-round tanks, and require more tension secondary support plates to keep the tip in contact with the shell, accelerating tip wear.

A significant feature of the Matrix seal is the special synthetic roller assembly. These positively eliminate seal roll over. Ideal for old out-of-round tanks. The corrosion free roller is shell-contoured to minimize painted shell marking. The roller assembly allows a shorter support plate height for a given maximum rim space. This allows greater working tank volume. The roller normally only contacts the shell when the rim space is larger than nominal.

Low Profile Secondary Seals are used to minimize working height. Matrix's low profile seals are available to suit up to a nominal rim space of 10" (250mm).

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