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Floating Suction Lines & Skimmers

The global leader in the design and manufacture of skimmers and large diameter floating suction lines for use world-wide.

Suction lines are commonly used for aviation Jet A-1 and Avgas tanks. Suction lines can be used in power plants, crude oil collection tanks or anywhere the quality of the product to exit the tank is an issue.

We can custom design floating suction lines and skimmers for various tank configurations. Lines are either installed in fixed roof tanks or can be located below internal or external floating roofs and are available in line diameters 3 inches to 36 inches. Larger diameters on application.

There are 2 main suction line types:

  • Suspended - most commonly used for fixed roof tanks
  • Roller - for use beneath a steel or aluminium floating roof


Sample lines can be provided on the main suction arm for fuel sampling, in 3/4 inch or 1 inch diameter. Typically sample points are located at the centre of lower third, middle third and upper third of the tank liquid level.


This suction line type is fitted with a roller which runs along the steel floating roof underside. No special track is required, the roller can negotiate plate overlaps.

The same suction line can operate beneath an aluminium or stainless steel internal floating roof (IFR), and in this case a track must be added beneath the IFR for the roller to run on. Matrix can design an appropriate suction line track and provide extra bouyancy for aluminium or stainless steel IFRs when necessary.


When tank height is greater than tank diameter, a two-arm or articulated suction line is required.


Designed to remove the top layer of a 2 phase liquid stored in a tank. Line sizes are usually 3 inch or 4 inch. The pontoons are designed to float on their centerline at the lowest S.G. tank product. The skimmer plate is located an adustable distance below this.


This gives a visual indication if the suction line is operating correctly as well as showing its position. Particularly useful when a suction line is used beneath a floating roof where it is otherwise difficult to confirm correct functioning of the suction line. Matrix now offers the capability to send a digital signal from the top pulley of the existing design Level Indicator System, to a PLC at the control room to give a remote reading showing the floating suction arm position.

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