IFR Quickview: Pontoon Type Internal Floating Roofs for Aboveground Storage Tanks

As a manufacturer for aluminum internal floating roofs and other solutions for the aboveground storage tank (AST) industry, we understand all internal floating roof types. Today, there are a plethora of internal floating roofs options available today when it comes to the AST market. Matrix Applied Technologies offers several options, including the pontoon type internal floating roof. The pontoons in floating roof tanks play an essential role when it comes to performance in above ground storage tanks. At Matrix Applied Technologies, we custom engineer our Heavy Duty Pontoon Internal Floating Roofs to meet the most demanding environments — even regions where earthquakes are likely to occur or where an aboveground storage tank may be subject to sloshing or high fill rates. Our easy-to-assemble floating roof tank parts mean your Heavy Duty Pontoon Internal Floating Roof comes ready to install, and our step-by-step instructions make installation simple. Building on decades of accumulated knowledge and expertise in the design, installation and maintenance of internal floating roofs, we offer unmatched technology when you partner with Matrix Applied Technologies.