Aluminum Geodesic Domes for Aboveground Storage: FlowDome Features

It’s no secret the standards set forth for aboveground storage tanks in API 650 Appendix G are the gold standard for custom-engineered aluminum geodesic domes. That’s why we design ours to your specifications to meet or exceed these standards. When it comes to aluminum geodesic dome manufacturers for aboveground storage tanks (AST), there’s no match for the FlowDomeTM. That’s because the FlowDome combines state-of-the-art aluminum geodesic dome technology with decades of expertise. Today, we take a look at the product features and advantages you’ll reap when you use the FlowDome for your next aboveground storage tank project.

Flush battens on Aluminum Geodesic Domes for AST
Our aluminum geodesic domes for aboveground storage are complete with flush battens and main roof panels that facilitate sealing around the hub. And since the battens and roof panels sit flush, water drains away easily.

Anodized Hub Covers on Aluminum Geodesic Domes
Our anodized hub covers are optimized with not only superior silicone sealing technology, but powerful corrosion resistance technology, too.

Lock Bolts on Aluminum Geodesic Domes
At the hub connections, our lock bolts ensure a pre-set tension provides a consistent tension to all structural connections.

Batten Screws on Aluminum Geodesic Domes
Consistent sealing pressure is key with our 200mm pitch batten screws. This constant sealing pressure provides a leak free panel-to-strut joint.

Screw Rails
While others cause leaking when movement occurs, our screw rails ensure the safe and secure connection of walkways or other attachments for your aluminum geodesic dome for aboveground storage tanks.

These are just a few of the features you’ll enjoy when you employ the FlowDome for your next aboveground storage tank application. Whether it’s aluminum geodesic domes for aboveground storage or internal floating roofs, Matrix Applied Technologies is the gold standard when it comes to work for aboveground storage tanks.